Technical Tigrinya Translation

We translate technical material from Tigrinya to English and from English to Tigrinya

Translating a medical word like aneurysm is not exactly easy. In most cases, there are no direct corresponding technical words in Tigrinya, so we have to dive deep into our vocabulary to find words whose connotations and intonations have accurate depictions of the technical words in question. This is a process that is handled by at least three people. Resulting words are then stored in a database for future use.

Against this backdrop, you can see that your technical translations will indeed be in safe hands.

Tigrinya Medical Translation

We have an extensive glossary of technical terms that ensure speed, accuracy and clarity when we undertake medical translations. To further entrench this exercise in medical credibility, we have three associate doctors that provide us both with advisory and editorial services. Since it takes a Tigrinya speaking medical expert to appreciate the accuracy of a Tigrinya medical term, we find the input of our medical associates to be invaluable.

Tigrinya Legal Translation

Are you in legal trouble with a Tigrinya speaking person? Do you need a legally informed Tigrinya speaking interpreter? Do you need to share vital legal information with Tigrinya speaking people? If your answer to these three questions is in the affirmative, then you are in the right place. Talk to us now and tell us more so that we can start translating your legal documents into Tigrinya.

Tigrrinya Humanitarian Translation

Are you providing humanitarian support to Tigrinya speaking people? If yes, then we will help you to better reach them in their own language. As a contribution to the wellbeing of our fellow Eritreans or Ethiopians, we have special discounts for humanitarian Tigrinya translation services. Contact us now to find out more.

Tigrinya Website translation

How many websites have you seen that are in Tigrinya? Chances are very high that not many because the truth of the matter is that there are very few Tigrinya websites out there. We are playing our own small role to ensure that these changes. That way, the more than five million people who speak Tigrinya will be able to interact a bit more intimately with the internet. We translate entire websites from English to Tigrinya; from French t Tigrinya; from Italian to Tigrinya and from Spanish to Tigrinya. We charge discounted prices than the usual document translations to encourage more people to take that step and translate their websites into Tigrinya.

Talk to us now for all your technical Tigrinya Translation Services.

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