About Us

Imagine you have a very important document that needs urgent translation into Tigrinya. Because the translated document will be ready by Tigrinya speaking people, you want it to be accurately and creatively translated. In other words, you want people to feel the words, not just read them. That way, your message will truly reach them, and that’s what you want.

Stop imagining and contact us because we translate English and French into Tigrinya. As native Tigrinya speakers, we ensure that the translation is a true reflection of our language. We have years of experience translating English into Tigrinya and Tigrinya into English. But just as important, we have a lifetime of experience of speaking Tigrinya. It is our mother tongue and we live in Eritrea, where Tigrinya is spoken. This is important because to us, not only is it our mother tongue, it is also our everyday language.

Contact us now for your speedy and timely Tigrinya translation and localization services.